About Us

The mission of SMartPUR is to provide an end-to-end procurement solution working smartly to improve and achieve business performance. It starts with a thorough understanding of the business.

Procurement is often perceived as an under-valued and under-developed business resource. SMartPUR aim is to change that. It means early involvement with the stakeholders at the conceptual design stage. It involves understanding and reviewing the technical specifications, challenging the clients scope of requirements and analysing the alternatives that are available in the market. SMartPUR will identify the risks and develop the most cost optimum solution to the stakeholders. SMartPUR will conduct RFI/RFQ and be responsible for the entire project management from the start of design and handover to operations. It will manage the supplier to client interface in order to meet stakeholder expectations with regard to cost and on-time delivery of the product. It will be responsible for co-ordinating the technical and commercial specifications required and the negotiations towards completion of a contract between both parties. SMartPUR has a number of years ICT experience in strategic and tactical procurement in Europe and North America In addition SMartPUR can also help you in securing contracts with potential clients. Some of these activities include actively engaging with the sales team to determine the best fit of the supplier’s solution for RFI and RFPs that are on the horizon. Pro-actively setup regular lines of communications with your clients including scheduling technical meetings at the locations, project management of all activities and staying close to the customer in relation to potential projects.

SMartPUR will provide an end to end engagement and support to the sales team in pre and post sales. It will take engage with the client in an appropriate role to guarantee a smooth transition from signing of the contract to the delivery of the product

Pre-Sales Services

Consultancy in  Pre-Sales  to suppliers

Building Strategic Relationships with customers in ICT

Benchmarking with Competitors

Advise on submitting bids and avoiding pitfalls

Analysing your cost structure

Fine tuning your cost models.

Streamline Business processes to reduce cost



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